6 useful safety tips that an online taxi driver should know

6 useful safety tips that an online taxi driver should know

Being an online taxi driver can sometimes mean that you find yourself in uncomfortable situations. One of your main priorities will be your safety. As you often work alone and have various strangers sitting in the back of your vehicle.

Here are six tips that every online taxi driver should know:

Always be alert to deal with the range of situations

The first thing to consider is that you must always be alert to deal with the range of situations you may encounter throughout the day. Prepare a small safety kit that you can keep in your car anytime. Typically, this should consist of minimal household tools: a pen and notepad for recording incidents, a set of spare keys, a mobile phone, a medical card and contacts for all occasions. It’s also worth carrying a first aid kit for personal use, as you never know when you might need a band-aid!

Buy a car video recorder.

Buy a car video recorder. A DVR can be your insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances.

Stay close to the taxi.

You will likely be vulnerable if you leave your car in the middle of the night to apprehend a customer who left your taxi without paying. This fare is not worth putting yourself and your safety at risk. Plan your journey with confidence and pre-book your reliable taxi from Liverpool to Manchester Airport. Also, if you have a screen installed in the front seat cushion, it is better to stay inside your taxi as it can protect you from attacks. This brings us to the next point.

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Installing a screen

Consider installing a screen to protect yourself from attack. The installed screens usually are made of materials that can withstand knife attacks.

Keep a small amount of money in your car;

Do not try to resist

If you are attacked in an unfortunate event, do not try to resist, as you cannot guarantee that the attacker does not have a weapon. Pull out your mobile phone, immediately call the rescue service. if you have the opportunity, try asking others for help. If you work for a company contact your operators, and taxi drivers should get their radio circuits.

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