There’s no better way to stay warm and stylish this winter season than by draping yourself in a trendy luxurious fur coat. Fur coats have long been a symbol of opulence and sophistication, and in 2023, they are back in vogue.

But if everyone’s wearing it, what will make you stand out? To make the most of your fur coat and stay on-trend, accessorizing is key. The art of choosing and wearing the right accessories along with your fur coats will make your impeccable winter fashion unforgettable.

Fur is the Key

You might think that your fur coat is enough to make a statement, but it seems that for 2023, accessorizing with more fur is the boldest fashion trend this winter. If you have a fur coat, you could add a fur tote bag, a fur hat or fur mittens.

Of course, you could choose different types of fur for these accessories, including faux fur if you are unsure of the brand and the origin of the fur accessories. Just remember to

Use the same family of colors to match your coat, or to mix it up and use the fur as an accent to your overall look.

For example, if you have a reversible fox fur coat, you could wear the reverse side and use your fur bag and mittens. Or, if you want to wear the fur side of the reversible fox fur coat, you could choose boots and gloves with fur accents.

Statement Scarves

One of the most classic ways to accessorize a fur coat is with a statement scarf. This winter, oversized and boldly patterned scarves are all the rage. Opt for rich, contrasting colors that pop against the fur, or go for a luxurious cashmere or silk scarf to add elegance to your look.

This year oversized scarves over a long coat is very trendy, and draping it around your neck and letting the rest hang down to emphasize the length of the coat is one of the more popular ways to wear winter scarves.


Fur and gloves are a match made in heaven. Leather or suede gloves with fur trim can add a touch of glamor to your outfit. For a more relaxed and contemporary look, consider fingerless gloves that allow you to showcase your rings and bracelets while keeping your hands warm.


A chic fur coat pairs perfectly with a fabulous hat. In 2023, wide-brimmed hats, berets, and baker boy hats are all the rage. Choose a hat that complements your fur coat’s color and texture for a polished look that also keeps you warm.

You could also get a fur hat that complements your fur coat, even if it is faux fur. There are more options than merely choosing an ushanka, or a Russian fur hat, especially if you choose to wear a faux fur hat, such as a fuzzy bucket hat.


Your choice of footwear is a crucial part of your overall ensemble. Knee-high boots, especially in leather or suede, are a trendy and practical option. Waterproof boots with chunky heels are the rage for this winter, and they can keep your legs warm and still allow you some fun even if the weather is too chilly.

Fur is Fine, But It’s Best with the Right Accessories

In 2023, fur coats are making a strong comeback, and accessorizing is the key to help you update your winter wardrobe. Choose accessories that enhance your coat’s elegance and warmth while adding your personal touch to the outfit.

This winter, stay stylish, warm, and turn heads with your impeccable fur coat and well-chosen accessories.


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