What’s Drake Net Worth?

Drake net worth is apparently worth a staggering $250 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He also received a gift of his $185 million private plane, known as the “Air Drake,” in addition to this net amount. The estimated value of his Toronto property is $100 million as well.

Is Drake A Billionaire?

Some believe Drake net worth is much more than the $250 million that is rumored to be his net worth. When friend and fellow artist Nicki Minaj was on Drake’s private jet in August 2022, she had a lot to say about the rapper’s level of wealth.

“This is what happens when you have a very wealthy Canadian friend—I mean, he’s the only billionaire I know who doesn’t want people to know he’s wealthy,” Nicki claims.

In the Beginning: Who Is Drake?

Drake was born in Toronto, Canada, on October 24, 1986, and music has always been a part of his life. His mother was an English teacher with a musical background, while his father was a drummer. Continuing his rich history, which consists of Jewish and African American ancestry, Drake was raised in a multicultural setting. He lived with his mother following the split of his parents and was exposed to Toronto’s rich and varied culture.

Drake’s Profile:

Full Name Aubrey Drake Graham
Date of Birth 24-Oct-86
Place of Birth Toronto, Canada
Current Net Worth $260 Million
Major Income Sources Music, Endorsements, Business Ventures
Key Albums
  • Thank Me Later (2010)
  • Take Care (2011)
  • Views (2016)
Net Worth in Previous Years
  • 2022: $260 Million
  • 2021: $220 Million
  • 2020: $200 Million

Drake’s Career in Music

Drake’s prosperous career as a rapper brought him millions of dollars.

According to Variety’s estimation, Drake earns approximately $50 million each year from music. On the Billboard 200 albums chart, Drake’s 2016 album Views remained at the top for 100 weeks running. Drake topped Taylor Swift as the most-streamed artist in the United States and ranked third globally, according to Spotify’s 2022 Wrapped index.

He made history in 2021 when he became the first artist on the streaming platform to reach 50 billion cumulative streams. Drake secured a record deal with Universal Music Group that same year. The rapper has hinted in his song “Lemon Pepper Freestyle” that the agreement is about $400 million in value. Drake also earns millions from his live performances.

According to Touring Data, Drake made $5 million in two nights of performances at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. in July 2023. This was his highest-grossing show to date and made him the first rapper to earn more than $5 million in a single arena show. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Drake’s 2016 Summer Sixteen tour brought in over $84 million, with an average of roughly $1.5 million per visit.

Brands and Businesses

Drake also has a long list of profitable ventures and sponsorship agreements. The rapper represents artists like PARTYNEXTDOOR and Majid Jordan among others through his own record label, OVO Sound. According to Variety, Drake also owns his own streetwear brand, OVO, which generated $50 million in sales at the end of 2018.

Drake has collaborated with Nike on several Air Jordan projects over the course of their more than ten-year relationship. Drake, a native of Toronto, has represented the NBA’s Toronto Raptors internationally since 2013. Virginia Black is the name of the whiskey brand that Drake owns.

The renowned rapper possesses multi-million dollar mansions in Toronto along with a private jet. In Los Angeles, he has also purchased and sold multimillion-dollar mansions.

Car Collection

Drake’s collection of rare cars is a well-known testament to his appreciation of pricey automobiles. He actually has a thing about imported and specially painted automobiles. In addition to the Bentley Continental GTC, he owns a number of other high-end vehicles, including Rolls-Royce, Mercedes, Lamborghini, and Bentleys. Notably, Drake is the owner of one of the two 499 Ferrari LA Ferraris that are currently in existence, and it is valued at over $3 million.



Owned Jet Plane

The well-liked rapper has a Boeing 767 jet plane in addition to automobiles. The Air Drake logo is a well-known addition to the private aircraft. The private jet is expected to cost approximately $185 million. Typically, airlines utilize this type of wide-body aircraft for long-haul passenger or cargo flights, and it retails for $260 million. Cargo Jet, a Canadian transportation company, gave Drake his jet as a gift. But instead of taking delivery of an empty shell, he turned it into a million-dollar luxury jet by adding lush carpets, leather recliners, multiple wide-screen TVs, and opulent bathrooms.

Drake’s Luxurious Properties

Following are the properties that owned by Drake.

1.Hidden Hills, California – The YOLO Estate

Date of Acquisition: 2012
Cost of Purchase: $7.7 million

  • Two separate homes: a 2,000 square foot party house and a 12,000 square foot main house.
  • Sand volleyball court, full-sized basketball court, equestrian stables, and a 25-person movie theater.
  • One of the biggest private pools in Southern California, featuring a swim-up bar, an 80-foot water slide, waterfalls, and a grotto reminiscent of a Playboy house.

2.Toronto – The Bridle Path Mansion

Date of Acquisition: 2016
Purchase cost: $6.7 Million

  • Mansion of 50,000 square feet on a two-acre plot.
  • 10-car garage, NBA basketball court the size of regulation, gym, and awards room.
  • 3,200 square feet for the master suite.

3.Downtown Toronto Condo

Drake is even more connected to his cherished city because he has an opulent condo in the center of Toronto’s downtown.

In conclusion: Drake’s Legacy

Drake’s path from the streets of Toronto to international concert stages is proof of his talent, perseverance, and astute knowledge of the music business. By 2023, he will have a $260 million net worth, making him one of the most successful and well-known musicians of his generation. Drake’s true influence, however, comes from his music, which still inspires, amuses, and connects with listeners all over the world despite his lowly stature. We anticipate more hits, partnerships, and endeavors, but one thing is certain: the Drake phenomenon is here to stay.


Q. What is Drake Net Worth?

Ans: Drake’s Net worth in 2023 is $250 Million.

Q. Is Drake a Billionaire?

Ans: No, Drake in 2023, is worth $250 million which makes him a millionaire.

Q. Which Drake tracks are being streamed the most?

Ans: The top ten most streamed Drake songs are, One Dance (2016), God’s Plan (2018), Nice For What (2018), In My Feelings (2018), Work – Rihanna Ft Drake (2016), Life Is Good (2020), Passionfruit (2017), Too Good – Drake Ft Rihanna (2016), No Guidance – Chris Brown Ft Drake (2019) and Hotline Bling (2015).



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