Packing and protecting your belongings, furniture, dishes, etc. can be an integral part of the work of a moving company. You can choose to entrust all or part of this work to Cheap movers or to take care of it yourself. If this task falls to us, know that all your belongings will be as protected as possible, thanks to professional equipment. Standard furniture will be wrapped in a padded cover. Clothes that must remain on hangers will be protected in a closed wardrobe, while the paintings will be positioned in special boxes, with corners designed for these fragile and valuable objects. Other special boxes exist for chandeliers and lampshades, while glasses are placed in barrels. The rest of the fragile dishes, as well as your various valuables, are wrapped in bubble wrap or tissue paper, and transported in wooden boxes, of different sizes, with a foam interior or covered with polystyrene chips.

However, good packaging in no way prevents us from taking the greatest care in handling boxes and boxes. If you plan to use a freight elevator for your move, you can rest assured: our moving company’s equipment is modern. Its load will be kept horizontal during the descent, and then the ascent to your new accommodation. The same applies if some of your belongings are stored in our storage containers. The conveyor belt which allows them to be moved is of the latest technology and guarantees perfect and constant horizontality.

What does the quote from a moving company like Cheap Movers consist of?

To choose the right moving company, it is essential to:

  • know the services it offers;
  • know exactly what price corresponds to what service.

Without this information, it is impossible to know which moving company offers the best value for money for you. This is why, at Cheap Movers, we attach great importance to the edition of this document. On our quotes, you will find a lot of information. They will allow you to know the price:

  • of the truck;
  • drivers, workers, and movers;
  • of the journey;
  • of the elevator;
  • insurance;
  • authorizations requested from the police;
  • the delivery of boxes and/or adhesives…

Of course, each of these elements will not necessarily be included in your quote. The elevator, for example, is not necessarily necessary. Likewise, we do not always need to request special parking permits. The delivery of boxes and/or adhesives will be included or not in the price of your move depending on your needs. On the other hand, a Cheap movers driver will be essential for each truck, even if someone you know has a heavy goods vehicle license. For insurance reasons, the driving of our trucks must remain in our hands. The meeting with a representative of your Cheap movers moving company also serves to determine and understand all of these elements.

How long does the intervention of a moving company take?

It all depends on what you include in your moving company‘s intervention! Except in very special cases, the move itself is done during the day. However, a well-organized and well-conducted move begins well before the big day… Concerning the intervention of your moving company, the starting point will be the visit. This will be quite quick, but you will have to be very vigilant so as not to forget any room in the home! Furthermore, the duration of our intervention will be conditioned by whether or not we take care of the packaging of your personal effects. This step may be your responsibility or that of Movers and packers in Abu Dhabi. There is one step in which you will significantly save time by using a moving company. This is the management of furniture requiring a lift. Without the right equipment, you risk:

  • at best, waste a lot of time;
  • at worst not being able to take the furniture in question out or in.

In addition, our teams are made up of professionals. They will be able to find the most efficient solution as quickly as possible.

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