In this current reality where mobile phones have transformed into an essential piece of our everyday schedules, the terrible fantasy about dropping your iPhone into water is what is happening many trepidation. Water harm can unleash ruin on your dearest gadget in different ways, including a slip into the latrine, an unexpected experience with a rainstorm, or an unintentional dive into a pool. The undeniable issue that follows such an episode is, “What sum will it cost to fix a water damaged iPhone?”

Understanding Water Harm:

It is essential to comprehend the severity of water damage and how it affects an iPhone before delving into the cost aspect. Exactly when water attacks the delicate electronic pieces of the contraption, it can incite different issues like short-circuits, utilization, and separating parts. The period of time the iPhone was lowered, the sort of water (freshwater or saltwater), and the moves made after the episode all impact the degree of the harm.

Prompt Moves toward Take:

If your iPhone swims off the hook, you need to act quickly to prevent damage. Here are a few prompt advances you can take:

Power Off:

  • Switch off your iPhone promptly to forestall electrical harm.
  • Avoid charging the device or pressing any buttons.

Discard the SIM Card:

  • Discharge the SIM card plate and eliminate the SIM card.
  • Dry the card and the plate independently.

Remove Excess Water by Shaking:

  • Tenderly shake the iPhone to eliminate overabundance water.
  • Try not to strongly shake it, as it might create additional harm.

Dry the Outside:

  • Utilize a delicate, build up free fabric to wipe the outside off.
  • Try not to utilize heat sources like hairdryers, as over the top intensity can harm the interior parts.

Presently, we should investigate the potential expenses related with fixing a water-harmed iPhone.

Cost Factors:

The expense of fixing a water-harmed iPhone shifts in view of a few variables:

IPhone Model:       

  • The model of your iPhone assumes a huge part in deciding fix costs. Fresher models frequently have further developed and complicated parts, making fixes more costly.

Guarantee Status:

  • Assuming your iPhone is still under guarantee, Apple might offer fix administrations at a decreased expense or even for nothing. Be that as it may, water harm is typically not covered under standard guarantees.

Out-of-Guarantee Fixes:

  • Expecting your iPhone is at this point not under ensure, you’ll likely have to pay the full cost of fixes. Out-of-ensure fix costs can be huge, especially for additional cutting-edge models.

Protection Inclusion:

  • Some iPhone clients have protection designs that cover incidental harm, including water harm. Actually take a look at your insurance contract to check whether it takes care of the expense of fixes.

Do-It-Yourself VS Proficient Fix:

  • Endeavoring to fix your water-harmed iPhone yourself could appear to be a practical choice, yet it accompanies gambles. In the event that not done accurately, you could bring on additional harm. While professional repairs may cost more, they are more likely to be successful.

Services for Apple’s Repairs:

If you decide to have your water-damaged iPhone fixed by Apple, the following are some estimates of how much it will cost:

Service Out of Warranties:

  • Apple’s out-of-guarantee administration regularly goes from $99 to $599, contingent upon the model. This cost covers the substitution of harmed parts and is liable to change.


  • In the event that you bought AppleCare+ for your iPhone, the expense of unintentional harm fixes is diminished. Nevertheless, there is still a service fee, which varies by iPhone model.

Symptomatic Charge:

  • If the water damage is severe, Apple may charge a diagnostic fee in some instances. This charge is applied regardless of whether you decide not to continue with the maintenance.

Outsider Fix Choices:

While Apple’s maintenance administrations are generally perceived, a few clients pick outsider fix looks for cost contemplations. However, as not all third-party services guarantee the same level of expertise and quality, it is essential to choose this route with caution.

Cost Variety:

  • Outsider fix expenses can shift altogether. It’s prudent to acquire statements from respectable fix shops and ask about the particular administrations remembered for the expense.

Nature of New Parts:

  • Some outsider fix shops use post-retail or inadequate parts, which might think twice about execution and life span of your iPhone. Guarantee that the maintenance administration utilizes real parts.


  • Check in the event that the outsider mechanics shop offers a guarantee on their administrations. A guarantee gives confirmation that the maintenance is done accurately, and you can look for additional help on the off chance that issues emerge.


The expense of fixing a water-harmed iPhone relies upon different elements, and there is nobody size-fits-all response. While Apple’s maintenance administrations are generally respected for their dependability, outsider choices can be more practical whenever picked shrewdly. No matter what the way you pick, acting quickly and following legitimate post-occurrence steps can expand the possibilities of a fruitful and more reasonable fix. In the end, the cost of fixing a water-damaged iPhone serves as a reminder to use protective cases, insurance, and careful handling to protect these valuable devices from unforeseen accidents.

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