What is Global Entry?

Global Entry is a U.S. Customs and Border Protection program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low-risk travelers upon arrival in the United States. Members use their global entry login to access dedicated lanes at select airports for faster processing.

Create a Global Entry Account

To enroll, applicants must create an account on the globalentry.gov website. Provide basic contact and passport details during registration. You will use these login credentials for all future access to your Global Entry membership.

Schedule an In-Person Interview

After creating your online Global Entry account, set up an in-person interview by booking a slot at an enrollment center near you. These centers are situated within large airports nationwide. Bring your passport, driver’s license, and other proof of identification and citizenship to the appointment for review and identity authentication.

Global Entry Interview Process

During the Global Entry interview, a CBP officer will first collect your fingerprints for a background check. You will then discuss your citizenship, residence, and travel history in a brief interview lasting 10-15 minutes for most members. The interview allows CBP to verify your identity before granting Global Entry benefits.

Membership Activation & Global Entry Card

Once you have completed your Global Entry interview and application review, your membership status will be promptly upgraded to “active” on the online portal within a short period. To signify your approval into the program, you will soon receive your official Global Entry card in the postal mail. This physical card, bearing your name and identification number, is usually delivered to the registered address within a timeframe of 2-3 weeks after the background examination is cleared. You can now use your card to access streamlined entry lanes at airports.

Link Your Global Entry to TSA PreCheck

To utilize the TSA PreCheck benefits that come bundled with Global Entry enrollment, members need to connect their Global Entry membership record with the TSA system. This link can be established by signing into your Global Entry account online using the registered login credentials. Within your member profile, select the option to allow CBP to permit sharing of your details with TSA. Once authorized, you will gain automatic entry into the TSA PreCheck program streamlining airport check-ins.

Use Your TSA PreCheck Benefits

With the TSA PreCheck membership linked to your Global Entry account, you can enjoy expedited screening processes at airports within the United States. When selecting seats or purchasing tickets online, choose flights labeled as TSA PreCheck to avail the perks. At security checkpoints, proceed to the TSA PreCheck lane and leave on your footwear and light jacket. PreCheck members can also keep liquids and gels in carry-on bags. Just present your boarding pass and ID for quick verification.

Renew Your Global Entry Membership

Global Entry membership remains active for 5 years. However, to maintain the uninterrupted benefits of the program, members must renew their enrollment before it expires. Around 6 months before the completion of the 5-year cycle, members should log in to their account on the Global Entry website (globalentry.gov) and check if a renewal interview is required. If needed, fix an appointment to attend the brief in-person interview to successfully renew their Global Entry privileges for another 5 years.

Global Entry Login Not Working?

If facing issues logging in, reset your password using the password reset option. Contact Customer Service for further assistance regarding account access, updates, or membership queries.

In summary, a Global Entry login automatically gets you TSA PreCheck benefits. Just follow the enrollment process, utilize the dedicated login portal, and renew on time to maintain expedited clearance privileges on future travels.



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