Even though Sony hasn’t officially made the PS5 Pro public, it’s likely that the mid-generation upgrade will be available soon. We can use historical data to estimate that the latest variant might launch in 2024.

The PS5 was first released more than three years ago. The full-fat PS5, which everyone had long craved, was finally retired at the end of last year to make room for the PS5 Slim. This PlayStation was beset with supply-chain issues for the most part of its existence.

Rumors of a PS5 Pro swirl, suggesting its release isn’t far for those who’ve upgraded from a PS4 to a PS5 Slim.

In this blog, we’ve gathered all PS5 Pro leaks and rumors, covering the upgraded SoC, improved specs, updated design, and release information.

Current rumors and news on the PS5 Pro

According to Jeff Grubb, a mid-generation PS5 console might release in September 2024, as he learned from industry insiders.. According to him, it will use Sony’s in-house, exclusive AI model to upscale video and provide games a better quality and frame rate.

Additionally, Grubb estimated that this system might cost about $600, which would be $100 more expensive than the PS5 Slim. Here in the UK, the PS5 Pro would set you back £579 if the price rise is likewise implemented there.

When will the PS5 Pro be available?

The PS5 Pro’s existence and release date are still unknown, however based on leaker reports and our own estimations based on prior console deliveries, we believe the mid-cycle console may arrive later this year.

Let’s start via inspecting the PS4. After launching the PS4 in November 2013, Sony found out the mid-generation PS4 Pro and PS4 Slim in September 2016. Then released each structures in November of the equal year, so there was a three-year gap between the two releases.

Between the PS3 and PS3 Slim, there was a similar time gap of three years. Sony released the original PS3 in November 2006 and added the PS3 Slim in August 2009, making it available in September of the same year.

Observing a trend yet? It looks like Sony plans to release a mid-generation console upgrade in the summer before it turns three, and then later in the fall, possibly in September or November. It turns out that this device was the PS5 Slim.

According to Insider Gaming, a generally trustworthy source, the PS5 Pro is reportedly under development and may launch in late 2024. According to the rumor, the 2024 PS5 Pro has a detachable disc drive and is distinct from the PS5 Slim.

Updated Design of PS5 Pro

PS5 Pro: Launches soon

If we compare the PS5 Pro to the PS4 Pro, for instance, it’s likely that the latter will be physically larger than the former. The PS5 Pro may be bigger to house better hardware and cooling due to the PS5’s large, curved frame.

The PS5’s easy access for SSD installation and fan cleaning makes Sony likely to keep the side plates.. While the PS4 Pro retained the same DNA as the original system, it added a third tower as an additional “layer” on top of the first two tiers.


This is where forecasting becomes much more difficult. The PS5 can play 4K games at 120 frames per second, includes ray tracing, and has stunning graphics.. A PS5 Pro could help improve resolutions and frame rates, but a major breakthrough like 1080p to 4K is unlikely.

While the PS5 can’t output games in 8K despite advertising it, the PS5 Pro might target the next-gen resolution standard. The Tourist game runs at 8K/60fps on PS5, but is only available in 4K.

Although 8K isn’t yet common, in a few years it should be more reasonably priced and available to non-enthusiast users. Not to be overlooked, Sony is a TV manufacturer as well. Given how the PS3 helped Blu-Ray win the disc format war, the Japanese company may aim to use the PS5 Pro to boost sales of its 8K sets.

Both Microsoft and Sony went for more powerful CPUs in their upgraded models. But the PS5 Pro could have AMD Zen 4 CPU and RDNA-3 GPU.. Therefore, with the PS5 Pro, we would anticipate seeing greater investment in the GPU than the CPU.

Another possibility is that the PS5 Pro will use Gen 5 SSDs, which would be one of the most practical integrations. Gen 4 NVMe SSDs are used by the PS5, and they fit in rather effortlessly. The PS5 Pro needs faster memory for quicker U.I. and loading times.

Expected Cost of PlayStation5 Pro

Sony made the historic decision to raise the price of the PS5 in the UK by £30 in August 2022; as a result, the PS5 disc edition system is now available for £479.99.

If Sony continues with its tradition, the pricing of the PS5 Pro may be the same as that of the PS5. When the PS4 was first released, it cost £344.99. Later, the PS4 Pro was also priced at £344.99.

Is a PS5 Pro really necessary?

The PS5’s aging technology could challenge developers in the future, resulting in games with reduced frame rates or resolutions. If the PS5 Pro matches the PS4 Pro’s enhancements, older games could be revitalized and recent releases protected.

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