In the present high speed computerized world, the Mi Record is an essential part for Xiaomi clients, offering admittance to expansive functionalities and settings. However, the inconvenience of the Mi account password forgot issue, often caused by forgotten passwords or security triggers, can disrupt this seamless experience.

The 2024 Mi account unlock tools are designed to address this issue, providing a quick and efficient solution for regaining access to locked accounts.

These Mi accounts unlock tools stand out for their user-centric design, offering several key benefits.

  • Rapid Account Recovery:
    They significantly reduce the time required to regain access, enabling users to quickly resume their digital activities.
  • Simplicity and Accessibility:
    With a natural connection point, these devices are open to clients of every single specialized level, guaranteeing a problem free recuperation process.
  • Direct Access Restoration:
    Users can promptly restore access to their Mi Account and its associated services, minimizing disruption.
  • Stress Reduction:
    By providing a straightforward solution to account lockouts, these tools alleviate the anxiety and frustration often associated with such situations.

The overview of these tools marks a significant advancement in user experience for Xiaomi device owners, emphasizing efficiency, ease of use, and minimal disruption in digital access. As we explore the top 2 Mi account unlock tools of 2024, their role in enhancing user autonomy and convenience in the digital realm becomes increasingly clear.

Part 1. Prior Choice: The Best Mi Account Unlock Tool-Wondershare Dr.Fone

Wondershare Dr.Fone emerges as a multifunctional powerhouse skillfully designed to unlock Mi accounts while offering a plethora of additional phone management capabilities.

This Mi account unlock tool transcends the conventional boundaries of device unlocking, presenting itself as an all-encompassing solution for various mobile-related challenges.

Distinctive Features and Advantages

Wondershare Dr.Fone is primarily renowned for its exceptional “Screen Unlock Capability,” allowing users to effortlessly bypass various lock screen types on a wide range of devices and operating systems. This feature is invaluable for those who have forgotten their screen passwords or are dealing with locked screens on second-hand devices.

Alongside its standout unlocking function, the tool also encompasses a suite of versatile features:

  • Advanced Data Recovery: It employs sophisticated technology to recover lost or deleted files, even from physically damaged iOS and Android devices.
  • Password Management: Functions like a digital helper, easily recovering lost passwords and improving your online security.
  • WhatsApp Data Handling: Streamlines the management of WhatsApp data, including the transfer, backup, and restoration of conversations and media.
  • Robust Data Erasure: This guarantees privacy and frees up space by securely erasing data from your device.
  • Phone Data Transfer: Facilitates seamless, one-click file and backup transfers between iOS and Android devices.
  • System Repair: Expertly addresses a broad spectrum of system issues for both iOS and Android devices, ensuring smooth operation.

In comparison to its counterparts, Wondershare Dr.Fone stands out for its broad spectrum of functionalities, positioning it as a more versatile and comprehensive tool.

Unlocking Mi Accounts with Dr.Fone

Dr.Fone adeptly handles Mi account unlocking, even in scenarios involving Mi account password forgotten or second-hand devices. It’s designed to bypass the lock screen without compromising data integrity.

The process involves:

  • Factory Reset Integration:
    Utilizes factory reset modifications to swiftly remove the Mi account.
  • FRP Unlock Support:
    Offers specialized support for unlocking FRP/Google account locks on Samsung devices, compatible with almost all Android versions.

Since it has become so undeniably obvious about Wondershare Dr. Fone, how about we continue with To tackle the capacities of this device, follow these means:

Step 1: Associate Your Xiaomi Telephone to Your PC

To start with, Visit Wondershare Dr. Fone’s site to download the best Mi account open device.

Begin Dr. Fone on your PC and open its fundamental connection point. Select the “Screen Open” instrument from the accessible choices. Then, interface your Xiaomi telephone to the PC utilizing a USB link. To continue, select “Android” and then “Unlock Android Screen.”

Step 2: Choose Your Phone Model

On Dr.Fone, you’ll see a list of phone brands. Since each brand and model requires a specific recovery package, you need to select ‘Xiaomi’ and then choose the exact model of your Xiaomi device.

Step 3: Enter Recovery Mode

To start with, switch off your Mi gadget. Then, adhere to the on-screen directions given by Dr. Fone to enter Recuperation Mode. This step is critical for the opening system.

Step 4: Unlock the Screen Password

After your Mi device enters Recovery Mode, Dr.Fone will start the process to unlock your phone. It will quickly remove the screen password from your Xiaomi device, granting you access.

Part 2. Mi Account Unlock Tool 2: TPS Xiaomi Tool

The TPS Xiaomi Tool, also known as Techeligible Phone Software, is a versatile utility specifically designed for Xiaomi devices.

Unlocking Mi Accounts with TPS Xiaomi Tool

TPS Xiamoi Tool can easily unlock Mi Accounts without compromising the data integrity, and the process is smooth. Here’s how it is done.

Bypass FRP Locks and Mi Account Verification:
It effectively handles FRP locks and Mi Account verifications, making it a go-to solution for unlocking Xiaomi devices.

Device Information Access:
Users can obtain detailed information about their connected Xiaomi devices, aiding in better device management and troubleshooting.

The TPS Xiaomi Tool’s unlock feature is robust and multifaceted. It allows users to disable and bypass Mi Account locks, making the tool extremely valuable for those who are locked out of their devices. The tool’s ability to work with different firmware and device models adds to its versatility.

Here is the Step-by-Step usage guide:

Step 1: Download Essentials: Start by downloading the TPS Xiaomi Tool, Xiaomi Qualcomm USB Driver, and MTK USB Driver onto your computer.

Step 2: Extract and Install: After downloading, extract the tool files on your PC and run the TPS_Tool.exe file. Follow the given directions to complete the installation.

Step 3: Send off the Device: Open the TPS Xiaomi Instrument on your PC.

Step 4: Set up Your Gadget: Switch off your Xiaomi gadget and enter Fastboot mode. This is finished by holding the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time. Then, use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer.

Step 5: Introduce Important Drivers: Download and introduce Fastboot and ADB drivers on your PC. Try to empower USB troubleshooting in your portable’s settings.

Step 6: Use Command Prompt: Open the command prompt on your computer and enter the commands `adb devices` and `adb reboot edl`. Follow any prompts that appear and ensure USB debugging is enabled.

Step 7: Verify Device Connection: Open the TPS Xiaomi Tool and check if your device is recognized in ADB or Fastboot mode.

Step 8: Check Device Info: Click “Check Device info” in the tool to confirm your device is correctly connected.

Step 9: Unlock the Device: Under the “Account Lock” section, select “Disable Mi Account” followed by “Bypass Mi Account”. This will successfully unlock your Mi phone.

Part 3. Comparison Between the Top 2 Mi Account Unlock Tools

When considering options for unlocking Mi accounts, Wondershare Dr.Fone and TPS Xiaomi Tool both emerge as capable contenders.

However, a closer look at their features and functionalities reveals why one might prefer Dr.Fone over TPS Xiaomi Tool.

   Aspects Wondershare Dr.Fone TPS Xiaomi Tool
FunctionalityComprehensive mobile solution for various tasks, including unlocking Mi accounts.Specialized tool for Xiaomi devices, focusing on unlocking and other device management tasks.    
FeaturesPhone managementSystem RepairData recovery File transferMi account unlocking without data lossBootloader unlockingMi account bypass/disablingDevice backups and resets
StrengthVersatile and comprehensiveEnsures no data loss during unlockingBroad device compatibilityEasy InterfaceHighly specialized for Xiaomi devicesOffers specific methods for unlockingEffective for technical users
WeaknessIt requires the correct device name and model to be selected, and the onscreen instructions to boot the phone in download mode must be followed correctly.It may require more technical know-how, making it less accessible for the average user.  

In summary, while both tools have their merits, Wondershare Dr.Fone is arguably the more favorable choice for most users looking for Mi account password forget-related solutions.

Its comprehensive nature, ease of use, and commitment to data integrity make it a standout tool, especially for those who value a multifunctional approach to mobile management and unlocking.


Unlocking a Mi account doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With tools like Wondershare Dr.Fone and the TPS Xiaomi Tool, the process becomes straightforward and hassle-free.

Each Mi account unlock tool has its unique strengths, and the finest choice depends on your specific needs and technical comfort level.

By leveraging these tools, you can quickly regain access to your Mi account and continue enjoying the full range of features your Xiaomi device offers.

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