Top 5 Influencers of 2024 - You Should Follow

Social media is a network that links over 3.5 billion people even over a long distance. Do you ever think about how much it affects our daily lives? It can change how we live and make us easily influenced by others. Sometimes it’s lucrative for us to follow some people on our social media because they can give the tips that are worth doing. Therefore, we will know about the persons in today’s article that are top influencers.  Let’s learn who they are! 

Jason Keath

Jason Keath is a top social media influencer who works as a keynote speaker at various sites like BlogWorld, SXSW, and more. Notably. He’s famous and even mentioned in newspapers like NY Times. Jason also started Social Fresh, where he teaches important social media techniques for special brands. They’ve been organizing meetings since 2008 where many big companies, like Fortune 500 ones, gather to learn various useful trainings. 

Will Sonbuchner

Will Sonbuchner is a famous influencer who captures the hearts of others with his delicious content. You should follow him for interesting food tips, especially when planning to go to any restaurants. William tries to keep his personal life private and has mentioned that his wife is Vietnamese. However, he loves grilled cheese and doesn’t like cucumbers. And If we discuss about his personal life like about his wife, details about her name and background remain undisclosed, leaving us eagerly awaiting more information about Will Sonbunchner wife.

Nancy Richmond

Nancy is a well-known professor, speaker, and social media consultant. She is a leader who motivates individuals to undertake novel and mind-boggling digital endeavors. She’s a virtual entertainment powerhouse with north of 200,000 supporters. Many companies have been inspired by her. She is highly recommended in order to follow any influential lady. She says, “I help and teach people to use social media to be better leaders and make their businesses grow” on her website. 

Mark Schaefer

Mark Schaeferis works as a global marketing guru, and a respected popular speaker. He wrote nine bestsellers, his famous books, like “Return on Influence” and “KNOWN,” guide about personal branding and marketing rebellion.

He helps startups and big brands like Adidas and Microsoft with marketing training. Furthermore, he had taken place in shows as a speaker like SXSW and even lectures at places like Oxford University. If you want to know more exciting facts about him, just follow him on social media.

JiDion Adam

JiDion Adams is American social media influencer, who gained fame through entertaining content on his YouTube channel. Earlier, he was known for his comedic vlogs and pranks. JiDion’s fame extends on various platforms like TikTok and Instagram, which indicates his influence across different social media. You can follow him without any worry because now he left all his pranks and chose to follow the path of God. 

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