Data recovery software for iPhone users restores your phone’s memories and important files. Accidental deletions, software update bugs, or physical device mishaps can lead to data loss at any moment. With the right iOS recovery software, you can get your data back and keep it safe. Let’s explore the top iPhone data recovery software and learn how to recover your lost files effortlessly.

Part 1. Different Types of Data Loss on iPhones

Part 2. Factors To Consider When Choosing the Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

Part 3. Review of Top 3 iPhone Data Recovery Software in 2023

Part 4. Step-by-Step Guide on Using the Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

Part 1. Different Types of Data Loss on iPhones

Data loss is when files like photos, messages, or contacts are corrupted, deleted, or vanish from your iPhone. There are ways to recover lost data using iPhone iOS recovery software. Let’s explore the different causes of data loss on iPhones first.

Accidental Deletion

Sometimes, you might accidentally delete important files from your iPhone. It could be photos, messages, or other important data. It happens when you tap the wrong button and don’t realize it. But don’t worry since there are ways to prevent this and recover the lost data.

Software Updates

Your iPhone gets updates to improve it, but beta updates can cause problems like app crashes and slow charging. To fix issues, you might need to downgrade iOS. Remember to back up your files before updates to keep your data safe.

Physical Damage to the Device

iPhones are fragile, so you need to handle them with care. If you drop or damage your iPhone, it can lead to data loss. So, using a sturdy case and being cautious while using the phone is a good idea.

Everyone can experience data loss, but you can lower the risk by being cautious and ready. Next, this article will discuss what to consider when selecting iOS recovery software.

Part 2. Factors To Consider When Choosing the Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

When you want to find the best iPhone data recovery software, there are some things you should think about. Here are some things you should look for to ensure it’s the right one for you:

Compatibility With iPhone Models and iOS Versions

Ensure the iOS recovery software you pick is right for your iPhone and its iOS version. Not all software supports all iPhone models, so check if yours is compatible. Also, ensure the software works with the iOS version on your iPhone. Older iOS recovery software for iPhones may not work with the latest iOS updates.

Recovery Success Rate

The best iPhone data recovery software has a high recovery success rate to increase the chances of recovering your lost data. User reviews and ratings can help you see how well it performs. Positive comments and high ratings mean it’s more likely to recover an iPhone’s files.

User-Friendly Interface

When dealing with lost iPhone data, it’s best to avoid complicated software. Choose an iPhone data recovery tool with a simple and user-friendly interface. Look for demos or videos to see how it works, and check if the website offers easy-to-follow tutorials. Being easy to use makes the recovery process smoother.

Speed and Efficiency of the Recovery Process

The best iPhone data recovery software should scan your device and recover your files fast. Some iOS recovery software provides information about how long the recovery process usually takes. Check if it aligns with your expectations. You can also read customer reviews to see if people mention the software’s speed and efficiency. Faster recovery means less waiting time.

Part 3. Review of Top 3 iPhone Data Recovery Software in 2023

Let’s check out the best iPhone data recovery software in 2023. You can pick the one that’s right for you based on your needs:

EaseUS MobiSaver

This iOS recovery software can recover data from iPhone, iPad, iTunes, or iCloud backup. Selectively recover photos, messages, contacts, and more.

  • Compatibility: Works on Windows and Mac, supports iPhone 14/mini/pro/pro max, and earlier versions.
  • User Review: User-friendly, covers almost everything from your device.
  • Price: Free trial available. Starts at $59.95/month.

Wondershare Dr.Fone

This recovery software is one of the best, with a high success rate. Dr.Fone helps you recover specific items from iTunes, iCloud, and iPhone without overwriting data. You can preview the data before retrieving it and save files on your computer for backup.

  • Compatibility: Supports all the latest iPhones and iOS versions. Use it on Windows, macOS, desktop, or online.
  • User Review: Simple for everyone, including beginners, with great features at a good price.
  • Price: You can try Dr. Fone’s iOS recovery software for free. A 1-year license of Dr.Fone Data Recovery (iOS) is $59.95/year.


This free recovery software for iPhone can recover deleted data from iPhone, iTunes, and iCloud backups. You can retrieve deleted photos, notes, contacts, videos, and more.

  • Compatibility: Works on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. AnyRecover supports the latest iOS 17 Beta and the latest iPhone models.
  • User Review: Successfully recovers specific files.
  • Price: Free trial available. Subscription starts at $59.99/month.

Final Verdict

Dr.Fone is the top pick as the best iPhone data recovery software. It’s intuitive, beginner-friendly, and has a high data recovery success rate. Dr.Fone lets you preview and save the file types you want to recover. With its full toolkit subscription, it solves other iOS issues too. It’s affordable and works for all iOS device users.

Part 4. Try the Best iPhone Data Recovery Software To Recover Lost iOS Data

Dr.Fone can recover various file types, including Photos, Messages & Attachments, Calendars & Reminders, Contacts, Voicemail, Call History, FaceTime, App Photos, App Documents, WhatsApp & Attachments, Viber & Attachments, LINE & Attachments, Kik & Attachments.

Follow these steps to use the Wondershare Dr.Fone Data Recovery feature:

Step 1: Download the app from the official Wondershare Dr.Fone website. Install and launch it on your computer.

Step 2: On the Toolbox homepage, click on Data Recovery.

Step 3: Select iOS from the phone system options.

Step 4: Select Recover Data from iOS Device in the next window.

Step 5: Connect your iOS device to your computer and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 6: Select the checkboxes for the types of files you need, then click Start Scan.

Step 7: Dr.Fone will scan your iOS device, and then you can preview the recovered data. Click Restore to Device or Restore to Computer to export the files.


Having reliable iPhone data recovery software is crucial when you lose files or experience software update issues. With Dr.Fone, getting your data back is easy and safe. It’s a user-friendly mobile solution right at your fingertips for any data loss situation. Keep your data safe with this great iOS recovery software.

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